Full Figured 18, Monica Walters
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Full Figured 18

Unabridged: 8 hr 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/21/2023


Urban Books bestseller La Jill Hunt joins Monica Walters to bring readers humorous, romantic stories of beautiful full-figured women navigating their sometimes complicated love lives. Kiss and Tell by La Jill Hunt: Joli McNeil always wanted to become a teacher and make a difference in children’s lives, but that doesn’t mean her dream job is always easy. Dealing with the current parent from hell has Joli not only ready to throw in the towel, but throw hands too. Thankfully, she finds joy in her friends, coworkers, and most recently, Caleb, the new man in her life. Then things get complicated, and Joli finds herself facing a dilemma when her work life and personal world collide in the worst possible way. Is Caleb worth dealing with all the drama that comes along with him? Or will cutting ties from it all mean walking away from true happiness in and outside the classroom? La Jill Hunt pens another humorous, relatable story that entertains and inspires. Love Won’t Let Me Wait by Monica Walters: Gianni LeCrae Judice has a past riddled with failed relationships and broken hearts, so she has chosen to focus on her self-worth instead. However, when she finds herself just going through the motions in her job as a bank loan officer, she feels the need for some entertainment. A new customer’s flirtatious advances might just offer her a new way to occupy her downtime. When Ford Ajani Noel decided to skip out on a four-year degree to become a truck driver, his parents were sorely disappointed, but Ford believes there is potential in trucking, so he isn’t giving up on his dream. When he heads to a local bank for financial assistance, he isn’t prepared for the curveball life throws at him. This ball of curves is professional, fiery, and gorgeous, and Ford is determined to make her his no matter the cost. Gianni isn’t prepared for what having Ford in her life can lead to, and she’s taken aback by how fast it progresses. Will Ford be able to convince her that he can meet her exactly where she is, or will his aggressive attempts at loving her prove to be too much for her to handle?