Fibromyalgia  Making Sense Of It, Steven Carroll and Lorna Carroll
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Fibromyalgia - Making Sense Of It

Narrator: Tom Chandler

Unabridged: 1 hr 25 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/09/2021


Do you experience deep and radiating aches in your body? Are you often fatigued and restless, regardless of the amount of sleep you’ve had? Are you not sleeping enough and find it difficult to get a full night’s rest? Have you ever wondered whether the body aches you are feeling are due to fibromyalgia? Has a doctor confirmed that you or a loved one is suffering from fibromyalgia? An estimated 5 million US adults suffer from fibromyalgia and 90% of them are women. Unlike heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, fibromyalgia is not clearly understood. And even medical professionals misdiagnose it or do not know how to treat this chronic pain condition once a diagnoses is made. Don’t Take Chances Arm Yourself With The Necessary Knowledge About This Condition With Our Comprehensive And Complete Guide "Fibromyalgia - Making Sense Of It". Understand the symptoms, the causes and risk factors, how diagnosis is made, the prognosis, your treatment options. Improve your quality of life.