Effective Communication Skills, Michael Cooper
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Effective Communication Skills
A Practical Guide That Develops and Improves Your Way of Speaking Effectively in Relationships: In Work, in the Family and in the Life of a Couple

Narrator: Craig Hannaway

Unabridged: 3 hr 36 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Stephen

Published: 03/06/2021


If you have been struggling with communication or undermining its importance in life, this book is reawakening. It may just offer you a solution to the failures you may have been experiencing in the various realms of life.Effective communication is a discipline that has evolved. This is due to the fact communication is a means of interaction among people for various purposes. It created a need to study communication in a structured way in terms of how it is applied in the various areas of interaction. It is a wide subject that has been studied from different perspectives and in light of the applicable psychological underpinnings.This book is designed to be widely relevant. It has tried to bring together all the possible areas of concern where people have to demonstrate communication. These are areas that could either excel or collapse depending on the effectiveness of communication.I promise that there is not no way that you will read this book and fail to find connections that apply to your situation. When you read this book, you will;·     Learn the various barriers that usually hold you back in your efforts to exude confidence and compelling communication. You will learn just how the way you communicate is either a show of your strong personality and competence or otherwise.·     It will help you to learn how communication should happen in business and formal circles. If you have not been doing well in interviews, this book offers you opportunities to see your pitfalls and pull yourself out of them.·     Learn the application of communication is socialization. You will realize that communication is the bolt that tightens our relationships or the plug that loosens them. You will know how to use communication to connect with others, make friends, and excel in relationships.