Direct Selling 101, Neil Phillips
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Direct Selling 101
Achieve Financial Success through Network Marketing

Unabridged: 8 hr 35 min

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Publisher: Ascent Audio

Published: 08/08/2011


THEY WON THEIR FINANCIAL FREEDOM…AND YOU CAN TOO! Neil and Dana Phillips were both working in education when they started doing a little direct selling on the side, almost 30 years ago. Their business quickly grew, and soon their income tax bill was more than Neil had earned as a tenured university professor! Now, this inspiring husband-and-wife team shares their award-winning expertise to help you claim the personal prosperity you deserve in DIRECT SELLING 101. More success-minded Americans than ever before are growing their fortunes as independent agents for such respected direct selling organizations as Princess House, Tupperware and Mary Kay. As Neil and Dana introduce you to the exciting world of direct selling, you'll find out why over 12 million Americans are now involved in this $30 billion industry. You'll learn the essentials of starting and building a direct selling business, from recruiting new customers and sales team members to planning parties and closing the sale. You'll also explore some of the common misconceptions about direct selling, and find out how to choose a direct selling company that fits your needs and interests. And you'll benefit from Neil and Dana's industry-leading insights into a variety of elements important to any entrepreneur, including: staying focused managing your time motivating others setting goals kick-starting your creativity and much more! Whether you're new to the field or expanding your current efforts, DIRECT SELLING 101 will tell you why this business has doubled in size in the last ten years-and how you can turn that explosive growth into your own financial security!