Dialectical Behavior Therapy Definit..., scott j. stacey
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Definitive guide to Develop Strategies, Skills and Tools for Emotion Regulation

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 4 hr 3 min

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Published: 10/15/2020


The key to staying calm in the face of uncontrollable situations is to step back from our emotions and practice what dialectical counselors term "extreme tolerance." It means accepting life on its own terms and seeking successful ways of dealing with life as it happens. For some, this may mean giving up the "hope for a better past," for others, it means letting go of how the world should be to deal with the way it is better. The trick doesn't get trapped and drained by things you can't change, so you've got the mental strength to take on the things you can.It is necessary to practice the art of facing the uncontrollable without being overcome by it. The good news is you're likely to get an opportunity to practice it every day. Before you move on to those that keep you up at night, try it with smaller things first. Next time you're stuck in traffic or hear an unsettling story in the news, take a deep breath and try to analyze and explain your emotions, feelings, and body sensations.Here are some topics you will find in this book:? About Dialectical Behavior Therapy? What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy? A Serenity Guide for Beginners Remember? What are the stages of Dialectical Behavior Therapy? Why Emotion Impacts Thought, Self, and Relationships? What you need to know about Dialectical Behavior Therapy? Understanding the difference between clinical depression and mental decline? Ways to Cope When a Family Member? Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Substance Abuse? Significant New Ways to Prevent Suicide? Dialectical Behavior Therapy Techniques? Vocational Rehabilitation and Social Skills? An Important to Psychology— Personality Disorders? Evidence Behind Dialectical Behavior Therapy