Deep Blue, Elsabe Smit
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Deep Blue
A Guide to Empowerment Healing

Narrator: Elsabe Smit

Unabridged: 6 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/01/2017


Have you always wanted to understand how energy healing works? Is energy healing the placebo effect in a different form? This book conveys a powerful promise early on and then delivers on this promise throughout the material: “Every physical illness and dis-ease stems from a disturbance in the rhythm of time. We will go back to the disturbance and allow time to flow freely. This will then remove the energy block and this is where the healing takes place.” The book gives a different perspective on the age-old question of why God allows suffering and claims to be a God of Love: “God only creates that which is beyond time and space. People then distil from God’s creation and add their own details, and they fall back on their indoctrination to pass the credit as well as the blame for the creation of their own making on to God.” This book explains how healing empowers people: “…people get an understanding of their own creative powers. They understand that they have created the dis-ease. They understand that they create the cure. They understand the difference between their own creative powers and the creative powers of God. Most important, they gain an understanding of a loving God.” Healing is explained as undoing the behavior that caused the dis-ease, then undoing the dis-ease, and then re-doing the behavior without the dis-ease, so that the person can consciously change their behavior and not fall back into the toxic patterns that resulted from the original injury. The author of the book warns that energy healing is not necessarily about extending this physical life: “At all times the focus of healing is to remove the energy blockage and to provide a belief system that will allow the person to continue on the journey.” This healing is truly holistic. “We do not just heal the symptoms, because when we do that, the behavior pattern will remain and the damage will be repeated, often on an even larger scale. We remove the energy blockage, and at the same time we do deep healing work on the spirit.” There are several powerful comments that shed a new light on beliefs and physical conditions e.g. obesity: “The whole purpose of religion is to make people weak and to ensure that they are malleable, in other words to suck out their energy and replace it with a Void that they feel as long as they are in the power of religion. Obese people fill that Void with food and drink.” There is a lot more in this book than just the extracts above.