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Published: 11/08/2020


For the uninformed reader to embark on a study of Greek Philosophy can be an intimidating prospect.First of all, the notion could exist that only those with high intellectual capacity will ever be able to grasp the principles of this field of study fully. Apart from the daunting possibility of entering the world of Greek philosophies, it may also be almost difficult for prospective students to determine which particular division of Greek philosophy they will learn.The Stoics contrasted distinctly between those under our possession and those that are not. Personal desire, hate, belief, and love are within our control, while other facets of our fitness, education, place, and popularity are not within our power. The Stoics proclaimed the Nature of the cosmos and stressed the obligation of man as part of this more substantial Universal creation. Stoicism has had a lasting impact on modern civilizations. In this book you’ll learn:What stoicism entails and why it is practiced History of stoicism The pillars of stoicism The influence of stoicism on ancient cultureThe most satisfying part of Stoicism analysis is the greater understanding it will offer us the impact this school of thought has had on the growth of so many intellectual research fields.It will also bring us to the eventual realization that, in our daily lives in the 21st century, we are still guided by the ideals initially laid down in the early 3rd century BC by the creators of this Stoicism academy. Stoicism is undergoing a resurgence in popular culture in the 21st century, mainly due to its rational and logical response to the problems of our day. Stoic parallels have proliferated in modern films and fiction, thus increasing its influence among a younger section of society that would not usually be engaged in an ostensibly mere academic pursuit such as the study of philosophy.ENJOY LISTENING!